Sun in first house

Sun in 1st house of the horoscope makes the person self-respecting and angry, it is normal for the person to get angry on small matters, such a person is playful and intelligent by nature. The Sun in the Ascendant makes the native the owner of good property and the person is a very famous person […]

Sun in second house

Sun in second house, the person becomes wealthy and fortunate. Because the second house of the horoscope is the money house, so the person creates immense wealth in his life due to position of the Sun here. But the Sun should not be affected by any inauspicious planet. Such a person is quarrelsome by nature […]

Sun in third house

Sun in third house makes a person very virtuous. A person gets respect in the state and a person can be a poet, a majestic, a respected person in the society. The Sun in the third house makes the native without kinship, especially the younger brothers are either not there, if they are there then […]

Sun in fourth house

Sun in fourth house, gives mostly inauspicious results. The person is handsome and hard at heart. Sun in the fourth house makes the person inferior to vehicle happiness and the person always has problems with money. Sun in the fourth house makes the person arrogant, due to which the person always opposes his brothers. If […]

Sun in fifth house

Sun in the fifth house can make the person less progeny or childless. Especially if Sun is in fifth house of a woman’s horoscope then it definitely gives abortion. The fifth house of birth chart is the house of children, health and education. Sun is a separative planet, it tries to separate from the results […]

Sun in sixth house

Sun in the 6th house makes a person a conqueror of enemies. The sixth house of the horoscope is related to enemy, debt, illness and job. If the Sun is in a benefic position in the 6th house, then the enemies of the person do not stand in front of him. But their enemies are […]