Taurus Horoscope April 2023

The month of April 2023 will be good for progress and business for the Taurus people. But the expenditure on health problems will increase. There may be expenditure on the health of a member of the family or even on your own health. Because Venus, the lord of Taurus, will be sitting in the twelfth house and Mars, the lord of the twelfth, will be in the second house or money house, which will cause a loss of money. Buddha, the lord of wealth, will also remain in the twelfth house. But for those who want to travel abroad, their work will be done and the expenses will be on travelling abroad.

The position of Rahu and Venus in the twelfth house will definitely make Taurus people travel abroad. But only for those who want to go. Yoga and conditions in the horoscope are also responsible for any fruit to be fruitful. This means if the dashas of afflicted planets are already going on in the horoscope, then afflicted fruits will definitely come. People whose dashas are of auspicious planets will get less pain and get more auspicious results.

For those who are looking for a job, there will be a rush because the position of Ketu in the sixth house is not good for the job profession. People whose court cases are going on, also need to be careful because this month the enemies will be sacrificed. In terms of business, this month will give auspicious results for Taurus people. The position of Shani is creating Shash Raja Yoga in the tenth house, so it is a very auspicious sign for those who do business of iron, liquor, oil, leather, building construction etc. There is also a good sign for government employees, there may be an increase in the post. But Saturn can give extremely inauspicious results for those who are earning money through immoral activities.

Guru is making the sum of marriage for those who want to get married in the eleventh house. For those who are waiting for a new guest or child in their house, their wishes can also be fulfilled. This Guru will also give an auspicious effect on the students. The mind will be engaged in studies and will pass the examination. So this month’s horoscope is good for Taurus people, but take special care of your health.

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