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How to Vastu for an IT office

Sometime we spend lots of money for making office, factory, business houses and living places act. but after building the work space we do not get the results or business growth as required, in-fact we get sudden down fall in business immigiate after shifting our business in new office or shifting new house. Have you ever though why this happen to you? The major reason behind this a Vastu Dosha in new your office, factory or house. Its always better to take advise from a Vastu expert before you make new office, change office or change home. You can take away your office, factory and home from the bad effects of vastu Dosha by doing some small onetime remedies and get much growth and success in your Office, factory and office.


My Vastu visit to Kolkatta in an IT office, watch this video to understand how i did Vastu in new building IT office for one of my clients in Kolkatta, India.

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Astrologer Sunil Kumar