How vedic astrology effects on a human life


Everybody knows about Vedic Astrology contains 12 signs, 12 houses, nine planets act. But I would like to talk about its system of working. Let’s try to find out how Vedic Astrology works and how millions of human are attached with this science.  According to my view Vedic Astrology is a planetary system which penalize and rewards for past life karma’s of every single human on this earth. Let’s try to find out how this system works, If you have done good Karma’s in your past life , planets have to reward in your present life and if you have done evil karma’s in your past life,

planetary system is going to penalize for your karma’s in present life. This is the reason why millions of innocent people are having struggles and problems in their life’s as they had done evil karma’s in their past life. But in Vedic Astrology there is a free will to improve their past life karma’s in present life and live a batter life. When a native takes birth on this earth, the planetary system decides the whole life of the native according to his/her karma’s in past life. If the native dose pure karma’s in present life he/she can minimize the struggle and problems from his/her life. All nine planets in Vedic Astrology has the different role to do in every horoscope of a native and decide the results to give in every field of life from birth time to death time. For example if a Planets take the duty in your horoscope to make you rich, he will have to do it as he is appointed to do its duty in your life, Similarly if any other planets is appointed to give you diseases in their period, he has to do it.

Sometimes a planets who had given a luxurious life to native, also gives a chronic disease or any may be any other problems regarding life. Vedic Astrology is the system where you can find out the horoscope with the details of all your planets whether they are going to punish you or going to reward for your good karma’s. Vedic Astrology also helps to repent of karma’s via doing good karma’s in your present life. Remedies of the planets in Vedic Astrology also is the simplest way to repent of karma’s and live a batter life.

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