Venus effects and result in eighth house of the horoscope and kundli according to Indian vedic astrology

If Venus is located in the eighth house then the person resides abroad. If Venus is inauspicious, in eight house of horoscope then the person is a secretive patient and he/she may have many illegal relations too. Because of high sexual desire, there will be a relationship with the older woman or man. If Mercury is auspicious in the horoscope then he/she can become a good astrologer.

If Mars is also with Venus in the eighth house, then the death of the husband or wife is soon.

If the Venus is strong and beneficial in the eighth house, money is earned through trade, gambling and females and after marriage, destiny is definitely there. If there is Venus in Cancer, Aquarius or Pisces signs, then the person is addicted to any addiction.

Venus does not produce auspicious in Virgo sign here. After the marriage of the person will quadrupled everything. Running business also cheats, who used to play in millions, after marriage, Before time, dies under the burden of debt.

person gets less family happiness if Venus is in Capricorn or Leo sign in eight house of horoscope, the main reason for this is to have a mental resonance with a child and a life partner. For this reason the person leaning toward illegal relations. according to my research, Venus doesn’t give much auspicious results. If there is aspect of a sinner planet then you can still get some auspicious results. But in case of conduction with malefic, wont get good results.

If Venus is in Gemini or Scorpio, then the person is always financially inclined and also instability in business. If the Venus is in Taurus, Sagittarius or Cancer, then the person is more interested in illegal relations. Due to this demerit, he/she suffers from grave diseases.

Note: All the above written results are based on Vedic astrology, and the results can vary on the basis of the positions of other planets.

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