Venus in second house

Venus in second house of horoscope. when Venus is placed in second house of horoscope the person will be wealthy, sweets lover, honoured in society, happy, will have financial gain from Gems, have a huge family, brave and can be a poet also. such person is a good speaker, hard worker and dedicated.

Venus in second house of horoscope based native with a help full and loving spouse. the native can earn through beauty, fashionable clothes, luxury cars and items, jewellery, gemstones, decorative items act. in female horoscope Venus in second house with Rahu or affected by Rahu, her husband may a gambler.

If Venus in second house in airy signs like Gemini, Libra and Aquarius the native will be a successful business man. he will have all comforts of life but may not have a son. If Venus in second house of horoscope in watery signs like cancer scorpio and pisces, the native will have lack of sexual relation ship with spouse and more female child. the person will be a good writer and get fame in writing and he/she will have chances of second marriage.

When Venus is in second house of horoscope in earthy signs like Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn, the native may not get the inheritance property. he/she may have to spend a large part of income on spouse medical treatments. Such native will have a government job and wants to become rich as soon as possible, due to the reason he/she gets into the gambling and lose his/her rest of money and becomes poor.

When Venus placed with moon in second house there will chances of eye disease to native. If Saturn conduct with Venus the native will be poor and he/she will have lack of money the whole life.

If Venus is benefit and in good condition, the native will have many benefits and positive results of Venus but if Venus is malefic and in the influence of bad planets, the native will have face many difficulties of wealth, health and career. in such situation the native must respect his/her spouse to get good effects of Venus.

Note: All results of Venus written on the basis on Indian Vedic Astrology, the results may change according to the conditions and situation of other planets of horoscope.

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