Venus in twelfth house

Twelfth House [ Expenditures ] – Venus in twelfth house of horoscope receives more auspicious results than other planets in this house. The main reason for the auspicious results of Venus in this house according to the law of astrology is that whichever planet is sitting in this house, it will spend its factor.

Venus is the factor of the enjoyment and when Venus placed in twelfth house the person will enjoy all comforts of life. According to the scriptures, person Justice, afflicted with financially endangered, lazy, hostility, illicit relationship, degenerative thinking, gross body.

In my research, such a person fails in business. But the person who is spending more on recreation and entertainment, the patient is particularly dissatisfied with the underprivileged, the immoral man, the unscrupulous lover and the life partner.

Contradictions also make its illegal affiliation, because his spouse has knowledge of his love affair. This is the reason for his unhealthiness, because the person of this Venus with this effect is seriously sick once in his life. There is no medical treatment for her illness.

The person does not leave any shortage in his medical care. Healing is done by a specialist doctor, but the disease does not stop in the grip.Venus of the female zodiac (Taurus, Cancer, Virgo, Scorpio, Capricorn and Pisces) makes the person completely adulterous. Relationship between the spouse is not good and the other marriage also has the sum.

If Saturn is under the influence of the caste and marriage outside the society. If the Venus is in Pisces, then the person believes only in illicit relations. person is more feminine and do not hesitate to rape even. There are women seen with such a yoga who make a physical connection by blackmailing them with fear, greed or somehow.If Venus is in the ill effects of Mars or Saturn in Cancer, Capricorn, Scorpio, Virgo or Aries, then the pleasure of marriage is ended. The reason for this can be the death of a spouse, but he keeps on enjoying physical pleasure. Such a person spends moneyless money to woo everyone. The costume also holds high level. All these results are from Venus in twelfth house.

Note: all results of Venus written above based on Indian vedic astrology. Results may changes according to other planets different situations in horoscope.

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