When will i get job astrology

Sixth house of the horoscope is not consider as good house but when we need a good job, the sixth house is most favourable, as it’s the house of jobs and services. That means if you have running period of sixth house lord, that too can bring you a good job and career.

Now a day’s lot of people suffering from lacks of good jobs. Teenagers sacrifice their teen age for a batter job in future and they do not enjoy their best periods of life due to pressures of studies. But even after scarifying the whole teen age they have to keep wondering for a desirable job.

Very few people are able to get good job but rest of all with similar or higher education and skills are not able to find the desirable jobs, sometime not even a normal job. Why does it happen? Is there any reason behind this? According to Indian Astrology there are lot of reasons behind these things. Today I want to discuss some of the reasons, why you are not able to get a good job or when will you get a job.

First of all we have to understand the way of working of the planets in Indian Astrology. As I have already told you this thing in my previous posts that if you have the main period of a benefice planet at the time of your working age, you will defiantly get good job and success.

But if you have a bad planet period during your working age like 20 to 40, it mean you are going to have lot of struggle, problems in your life. Thus you are not able to get a good job during the period. What can we do during bad period to minimise the struggles and problems and how we can get better results? The only way is doing remedies of related planets to minimise the bad effects and wearing gemstones related to your good planets to get benefits.

Let’s now try to find out the planets and houses that may give you opportunities for good career. First of all we have to consider first house of your horoscope and its lord to get a good job. If you have running period of first house lord during your working age, you may have less struggle and more opportunity with less efforts. But the placement of the lagan lord should be at good place like first, second, fourth, fifth, seventh, ninth, tenth or eleventh house. If the lagan lord is not placed in the mentioned houses, will not give good effects and you will not have good job easily. Lord of mentioned houses can also give you good effects during their periods to get a good job , but the same condition will be applied there to be well placed in good houses.

According to some astrologers sixth house lord gives the struggle and diseases in its periods, its true but it depends on the other condition of the horoscope like age and the combinations of planets for diseases.

In the young age and without any combination of diseases, sixth house lord period cannot give diseases in fact it may give you a good career and opportunities. Tenth house and eleventh houses and its lord are more important to get a good job. The same conditions are applied on these planets too, like to be well placed as tenth house is for profession and eleventh for daily income.

If you get a job in the period of tenth house lord, this can be a government job as the tenth house is for rulers also and if you get a job during eleventh lord period you may get a good salary as eleventh house is for daily income and flow of money.

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Astrologer Sunil Kumar

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