When will I go abroad

There are lots of factors in someone’s horoscope for going abroad like: position and strength of lagna lord – lagna lords relation with 7th house, 12th house, 9th house or their lord can give the native a foreign travel.

Lots of people in India and other countries want to go abroad. some of them want to go for their profession and some of them want to go for settlement, but nobody knows if their wishes going to be fulfil or not. Is there any idea about if we could know about our foreign travel and its destiny?

today i would like to talk about how by the way of Astrology Science we may be able to understand our destiny regarding foreign travel and settlement. Its always good to analyse the horoscope before planning to go abroad, as most of the people go abroad for making their career but they do not get good response and come back home after spending their auspicious time and money.

Right guidance can save your money and time. As for going abroad one must have some effective planetary combination of foreign travel in their horoscope. According to Astrology one can go abroad and get success, if he or she has strong planetary combination of sending him abroad and get success.

houses and lords responsible for foreign travel and settlement – 3rd house, 7th house, 8th house, 9th house and 12th house and their lords are responsible for giving foreign travel and settlement in natives horoscope. Timing of going abroad are decided by the main and sub periods of the planets related to foreign travel.

In most of the horoscopes Rahu Dasha is favourable for foreign travel and Ketu dasha can give travel through air ways. In the timings of planet Moon or 8th lord can give the foreign travel through sea ways. There are many other aspects which has to be read carefully before a foreign travel.

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Astrologer Sunil Kumar

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