Which Gemstone To Wear

Nowadays everybody wants to wear their lucky stone to achieve happiness and success in their lives. But it’s very difficult to know which Gemstone to wear to get success in life or for any other reasons. It is very important to read your horoscope properly for your selective Gemstone to wear.

You must be thinking if you should wear yellow sapphire or blue sapphire / which will be the most beneficial. Sometimes you want a gemstone for your health problems or any other problems related to your life and family.

Every planet relates to a particular Gemstone or we say every Gemstone has the power of their representative Planet like… Ruby for Sun, Pearl for Moon, Red Coral for Mars, Emerald for Mercury, Yellow Sapphire for Jupiter, Diamond for Venus and Blue Sapphire for Saturn.

There is a very simple logic to wearing Gemstone to keep that planet’s maximum effects with you by wearing the Gemstone. If you want any of your particular Planets’ maximum effect on your body and life, you can wear the related Gemstone. Related Gemstone will maximize the effects of those particular planets in your life.

It means if you wear the Gemstone of a benefic planet according to your horoscope, you will gain more benefits from that planet, but if you wear the Gemstone of a malefic planet you may be in trouble as you have increased the power of your enemy planet. Now if you are worried about, which Gemstone you should wear you must get your horoscope read by an expert Astrologer of Gemology.

It’s very important to find the exact beneficial planet in your horoscope to wear the correct Gemstone because sometimes the planets related to good houses do not give good results as it all depends on their condition the horoscope or the duty given to every planet in your horoscope like if you want to wear the Gemstone for your success, you will have to wear the Gemstone related the planets those going to give you the success in your life.

Now the problem is how to find which planet is exactly going to give you success. The dose that planet timings come in the working period of your life or That will come in your old age. If it is coming in your old age or has gone in your childhood, now it’s necessary to wear the Gemstone of that particular planet so that you can maximize its results in your current life.

Our first finger is the index finger. It is the finger of Planet Jupiter [ Guru ]. Yellow Sapphire – Pukhraj Gemstone is the Gemstone of Planet Jupiter [ Guru ] it should be worn on the Index finger.

Our second finger is the middle finger. This finger relates to Planet Saturn [ Shani ], Venus and Rahu. So representative Gemstones are Blue Sapphire [ Neelam ], Diamon [ Heera ] and hessonite [ Gomed ] should be worn on the Middle finger.

Our third finger is Ring Finger. The ring finger relates to Planet Sun and Mars, so we can wear Ruby [Manik] and Red Coral [ Moonga ] in our Ring FingerOur last finger is the Small finger relates to Planets Mercury, Venus, Moon and Ketu. So representative Gemstones Emerald [ Panna ], Diamond [ Heera ], Pearl [ Moti ] and Cat’s Eye [ Lehsunia ] can be worn on a small finger.

Written by

Astrologer Sunil Kumar

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