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how to wear blue sapphire ring

If you have positive Saturn position in your horoscope you can wear blue sapphire Neelam gemstone to enhance the effects of planet Saturn in your life. If Saturn is yoga karka , lord of trine and centre like in Libra ascendant , you can wear blue sapphire as yoga karka planet gives most beneficial results out of all planets in your horoscope.

If Saturn is yoga karka or a functional beneficial planet in your chart but it seems to be not strong enough to give results in shatbala, in that situation you must wear blue sapphire Neelam. Some times you are having mahadasha, antra dasha or patyantra of Saturn and being a positive or yoga karka planet it is not giving you good results, in that case you have to wear blue sapphire before your positive dasha completes.

Some times small periods ( Dasha ) of a positive planets can change your world, but it has to give proper results it must have proper strength to give results , to make sure the situation of your planet if it is strong enough to give results you must get your horoscope analysed by an experienced astrologer.

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Astrologer Sunil Kumar

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