WHY DID I LOSE MY JOB ? Astrology reasons & remedies


Lots of people call and email me from all over the world and ask a question ‘why did I lose my job? Everything was going on very well but suddenly I lost my job. They ask me the reasons and solutions about this matter. Today I want to share some astrological reasons of losing a job.

As I have always mention many times in my previous posts that whenever a person having the main period of a benefice planet in his or her career time, gets a good job and do it continuously for a long period. But sometimes even if you are having good planets dasha[period] in your current time, you have to face difficulties in your job. What are the reasons behind this? In that condition there are two strong reasons for difficulties in your current job. First is anterdasha[ sub period] of malefic planet and transit of a malefic planet on 6th, 10th, 11th or 1st house of your horoscope. For example if you are having dasha of planet sun and you got a job during this period, you will enjoy your job and will get the promotions until any malefic planet or enemy planet of Sun does not come in its sub period[ Anterdasha]. Like if the period is running of sun – sun, sun-Jupiter, sun-mars you may have good results but if you having the period of sun- Saturn, sun-rahu or sun-ketu it may give difficulties and demotions in your job.

And in other side if malefic planets according to your horoscope transit on houses mentioned above will give bad effects to your job. Second thing we have to consider is, you must have a benefice planets dasha continuously after the current good period you have to get endless career. Like sometimes you get a job at the right time and right period of a benefice planet, but you don’t know that period is not left for a long time and it has to be finished after few months or few years. But suddenly after finishing this good period a malefic planet has to come and get you into some troubles.

For example if you are having period of planet mars [7 years] with good effects, suddenly after it finished you will get a long period of Rahu [ 18 years] now there is problem, whatever you have earned in past 7 years of Mars, you may lose all things in the period of Rahu [ 18years] but it’s important to find out if Rahu is malefic or benefice for you. This is the reason why many of my clients say that they never thought about if they ever could lose their jobs suddenly. And they were over confident for their lives. Whenever you get sudden losses in your life or job, you must consult an experienced astrologer to find the reasons and must do remedies for not to get more losses without any waste of your precious time. As you know time is money.

Written by

Astrologer Sunil Kumar

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